Our Supper Club

Plate & Bottle Supper Club offers a different approach to the dinner party. Bringing together great food, conversation and new friendships, it is a place to share a remarkable evening at the table. We are always looking for a unique setting to enhance the dining experience. We host our Supper Club several times a year. We promote these dinners through our mailing list so sign up if you would like to be on the guest list for our events!


Can I come by my self?

Absolutely!!  Our Supper Clubs is a place of shared conversation and food, where all diners sit together for a shared experience.

What should I wear?

Whatever you feel comfortable in! Business casual or dressy is the most common dress.  Please note whether the dinners are inside or outside and dress accordingly.

What do I bring to the Supper Club?

Bring your wine or drinks of choice for dinner.   Sparkling and still water will be provided.  Champagne is served during the reception.

For outdoor events, heaters are provided, but please bring your coats and jackets.  

Past Supper Clubs


June 20 2014 Supper Club

Sept 6 2014 Supper Club

Nov 8 2014 Supper Club


June 6 2015 Supper Club

Aug 15 2015 Supper Club

Nov 7 2015 Supper Club


Jan 23 2016 Supper Club

April 30 2016 Supper Club

July 9 2016 Supper Club

Nov 12 2016 Supper Club


Feb 25 2017 Supper Club

June 3 2017 Supper Club