2016 Spring Pop Up

2016 Spring Pop Up

Potatoes cooked in Beeswax, Honey and more…

Each year the seasons appear to come faster and faster, and although they seem to be in a hurry, there is always a feeling of newness and anticipation in their arrival.  Here in our sunny corner of California, the scent of Spring came wafting by as early as February. That glorious smell of springtime flowers blooming in the breeze and the sound of honey bees humming their song as they work. Not much more inspiration needed to embrace the season!

Our Spring Pop Up Supper Club dinner was held in late April with the impressions of springtime clearly on our mind.  In Plate & Bottle’s continued spirit of looking for leading edge and unique cooking techniques, we were inspired by the use of high quality beeswax in the modern kitchen. Sweet applications provide subtle honey flavors and texture while some savory applications use the gentle and constant heat of melted beeswax, poaching food evenly while imparting the characteristics unique to each block of wax. Sparked by The Meadowood Restaurant’s (Napa, Ca) use of beeswax to cook potatoes we decided to invite this technique into our kitchen. The result was a firm but velvety potato with the lightest honey scent to accompany our springtime lamb with peas and lettuces. 

Honey blossom dressing, honeyed walnuts on our salad and a celebration of rhubarb and strawberries as a dessert trio completed the gift of spring we hoped to offer.

Thanks to all our diners who came to share this experience with us.

 As we say goodbye to spring of 2016, we invite the next season to inspire us with all it has to offer and we hope you will join us at our next dinner to savor our next seasonal vision.


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