The Story

Plate & Bottle was launched in 2014 specializing in small events catering and the “Pop Up” dinner – inspired dining events in a supper club format.

The supper club format allows for a different approach to dining that incorporates excellent, seasonally driven cuisine and community in a festive, yet sophisticated atmosphere.

Every dinner is carefully crafted to tell the story of each season using the highest quality ingredients. As a catering business and a host to our Supper Club, we continually strive to connect people with excellent food in a great setting and to create a remarkable dining experience. It is our passion.

“At Plate & Bottle, food is a story to be told, a conversation to be had, a feeling to be shared. 

It can inspire us and transport us to places where memories live, or take us to a place we have never been before.  It can connect us with shared experience.

In a world where time rushes forward, it is a means of capturing a moment and savoring the now.  Food is a language to be listened to. 

I hope our food speaks to you”

Hedy Nochimson

Our Mission

To create a memorable dining experience using quality technique driven cuisine, setting, and community. We create dining events that bring people together sharing lively conversation and passion for food.


Chef Hedy Nochimson has worked in the kitchens of some of our Bay area and favorite local chefs. Her creative process is often inspired by travel, nature and the desire to learn new techniques and new ways to present food.

Plate & Bottle’s multilayered dishes are created with attention to detail using locally sourced, organic- whenever possible, superior ingredients. Utilizing some of the newest culinary techniques, Plate & Bottle’s vision is to celebrate seasonal flavor, intensity and balance while striving to think out of the box.